Summer Collection 2024

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The Eras Tour (Fetch Mart's Version)

Calling all Swifties!!! We have designed our own version of Taylor Swift Eras fabric for your pup to wear! All 10 eras are represented, as well as a collective Eras design in 4 colors. Our bandanas have the album title, along with easter eggs from each individual album. Which Era are you and your dog in?!? 

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Everyday Wear

Designs that can be worn all year long!

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Treats & Eats Collection

For the foodie in your life.

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About Fetch Mart

Who says dog collars & accessories can't be Fetch?

Fetch Mart is currently being sold in Doggy Daycares, Dog Spas, and Boutiques. Our designs are up to the minute on trends, while also offering classic prints that last a lifetime!

Our products are made with 100% cotton fabric, designed by independent artists from all over the world. These indie artists receive a commission on all the fabric we purchase! The company is Eco-friendly, using water-based dyes and recycling any leftover fabric waste. The collars, leashes, and harnesses have a mildew proof webbing incased inside the fabric. 

**Starting in 2024, all new collections will be one of a kind, with fabrics fully designed by Fetch Mart and only available through us!**

All items are handmade in Greenville, SC, USA. 

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