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Zoe, aka Zo Zo, little girl, Zo Diggity, cotton eyed Zo, (I mean, the list could go on!) is our family dog. She's not just a dog though, she's my 3rd child and our boys little sister. She is a rescue pup from a local dog rescue that I found through Instagram. She is a big reason why I started Fetch Mart. Ok, let me just start from the beginning. 

I was a stay at home mom who had an Etsy store making custom girls clothing. I have 2 boys and really didn't have my heart in that business, especially because I don't have any girls! I had been searching for a while on how I could use my talents, while also giving back. Fast forward to this past summer. We took a family trip to Los Angeles and while there, I went to visit Vanderpump Dogs (Bravo fans anyone?). We are dog people, so of course I had to go! As I sat with a few volunteers and one foster mom, I heard each dogs story. I was so touched by these incredible people and the dogs, that 2 days later I decided I would start Fetch Mart. 

Our family had been ready to adopt a dog for a while, as it had been over a year since our old girl Heidi passed away. While I was trying to figure out how to start this business, I was actively searching for local rescues to reach out to. I came upon Lucky Pup Rescue SC. I started following them on social media and thats when I saw our girl. She had been rescued with her 7 other siblings and they had one of the worst cases of fleas. She was the runt and had been injured by her litter mates. I was immediately drawn to her. Her litter was named the Muppet Babies, and her name was Miss Piggy. I mean come on, how could you not love her with that name?!! 

About a week after I saw her, I had filled out an application and met the owners at one of their events. I had no idea the amount of work that goes into trying to find adopters and get donations. After lots of research and learning all about how rescues work, I knew this was the business I was meant to start. I got approved to adopt, had a home visit, and finally got to bring Miss Piggy home. We spent 2 days coming up with her name and finally decided on Zoe. 

Zoe brings us SO much joy and fits right in with our family! Here are a few pictures of our girl.

Adoption Day!


 12 Weeks old

Zoe's 1st Snow!

Baby it's cold outside!

Photoshoot for Fetch Mart :-)

Spring Break

Courtney Langley

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